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12 Personalized Home Office Gifts For Her

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Whether she is your mother, daughter, spouse, or just a good friend, it is a great idea to give her a little something special to make her home office unique. If she already works from home, then this is a space where she will be spending most of her time, so it’s important that it has some character. To help, we’ve compiled a list of 12 personalized home office gifts for her!

As you read through the gift ideas below, visualize how she will be using her 5 senses while working from home. Maybe it’s listening to a good playlist, breathing deeply with her essential oil diffuser, or appreciating the cute organizer setup she made for herself on her desk.

The goal is to make her home office setup a space where she wants to be, not one where she has to be.

Personalized Daily Planner

daily planner for her home office gifts

This Daily Planner is designed to help organize daily appointments, tasks, track water intake, health and fitness goals, and even daily meals. It will enable her to get in the habit of writing down reminders, goals, or motivational quotes to help her reach her fitness goals!

Not only does it track appointments, but it also comes with a gratitude and achievements section to remind her that stressors are NOT the center of her life. There are lots of good things, big and small, every day that we can be grateful for!

Pro Tip: Double the function of the daily motivational planner as a mousepad to give an office desk some added personalization.

Succulent Planter Set

planter gift for her home office gifts
Upgrade her home office space with these concrete planters that cleverly harmonizes natural and modern elements. It works well for small indoor plants such as succulents, cactus, herbs, air plants, tillandsia or artificial plants.

Each cement succulent planter is featured with its own drill hole to avoid water accumulation and to help prolong the life of these home office plants. Lastly, it comes with a detachable rubber plug to keep the dirt inside if needed!

Feminine Desk Organizers

organizer home office gifts for her
Which would she prefer, rose gold or white?

There are 5 compartments and 1 mini sliding drawer for this stylish and modern desktop organizer. This particular one comes in 4 different colors depending on the color scheme of the home office setup: rose gold, black, white, and gold.

This setup is a beautiful and excellent organizer that keeps the desktop clean and tidy. According to research, having a clean desktop can speed up your work and help improve overall creativity!

Desk Mat to Add Color

The wide array of colors available makes this desk mat an excellent choice for adding color to her home office setup. It also gives the desk a modern and professional atmosphere.

Because it rolls up, it can easily be carried in a backpack to the local coffee shop. It is made of durable leather material, which protects desks from scratches, stains, spills, heat and scuffs. The smooth surface helps provide a soft surface for writing on your daily planner or sticky notes.

Floral Sticky Notes

This attractive bundle set offers an array of sizes and uses, including blank notes, a checklist and weekly calendar for staying on top of her busy life at home.

Round Mirrors Set of 3

Mirrors are the perfect blend of style and function. While they serve a decorative purpose, they also have the ability to make a small space feel larger and lighten a dark room.

This circle vintage mirror set gives a chic touch to a home office. Additionally, they combine well with other decoration styles such as Scandinavian, Bohemian or the Renewed Classic.

Themed Pins

This fun and sophisticated pin holder will add a touch of flair to a desk. The top of the holder is magnetic to hold onto the clips and the gold paper clips will add a bit more personality to the room.

Motivational Calendar

This inspirational daily calendar will provide her with positive quotes every day. It is packed with thoughtfully curated daily inspirational quotes, positive affirmations, and self-reflection questions, which is great for personal encouragement and empowerment.

The calendar is undated, giving her a page a day calendar for 2021 and beyond. So no worries if she forgets to flip through it for a week! She can start with this daily inspirational calendar any time of year, adding inspirational office décor and providing positive quotes of the day to stay motivated.

Wire Photo Grid

This is a multi-functional display grid that works great for photographs, postcards, memos, glasses, bows, jewelry, small plants, or other small decorations. The wire board helps create a stylish happy wall or a special wall storage organizer.

The sturdy grid is made of a high-quality wire metal with black coating that prevents rust. Lastly, the rectangle shape makes it easy to install!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Not only will her home office be filled with a subtle, yet wonderful aroma, it will also help lift her mood, and provide some stress relief!

A 5-IN-1 aromatherapy device, this ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is an amazing multifunction aromatherapy device unlike any other she has probably ever used. It features a large and easy to clean 300ml water tank, 7 different LED light colors to personalize her office, multiple mist nebulizer modes, and a safety auto-switch that prevents it from overheating in case it runs out of water.

There are a variety of benefits from essential oils including improving sleep (hopefully not while she’s working), moistening skin, pleasing scents, and even a boost to her immunity!

Handcraft Coffee Mug

The ceramic mug makes a beautiful and practical gift for her. The coffee mug is handmade with a unique marble pattern. The gold trim accent at the top and gold handle makes for a sophisticated style.

Decorative Lamp

The great design of this golden hollowed out geometric cage metal base and white lamp shade make it in a fashionable and modern style.

A desk lamp helps to provide lighting to illuminate her daily work from home space in a way that shows off her personal style. Whether she is typing away on the keyboard or flipping through a magazine, this will add that little bit of extra lighting for her space. That’s where a good desk lamp comes in!

Home Office Gifts For Her

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, special occasion, or just wanting to surprise her with something nice, we’re confident these home office gifts for her will do the trick! Not only do they make great personalized gifts, but will also add a bit of organization to her home office space.

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