Five Must Haves For Going Back to School During Covid

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Heading Back to School During Covid

For many parents, this past year was one of the most stressful. With decisions to re-open schools varying not just across the country, but within communities, worries about simply getting to school on time each day shifted to interpreting scientific data and navigating the unknowns of COVID-19. Can kids spread the virus to others? Can they even get COVID-19? Does the risk of the virus outweigh the loss of in-person education?

kid walking back to school during covid

Unfortunately, the Delta variants has created similar confusion and uncertainty as the new school year approaches. While the majority of the country is headed back to in-person learning, how and what is required of students can vary – not just community by community, but within the same districts with access to vaccines for those ages 12 and up. Regardless of where your situation falls, it’s important to continue to keep your child safe as they head back to school with social distancing, mask wearing and other COVID-19 protocols in place, so we’ve compiled five must-have items you need as your child prepares to go back to school during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mask Lanyard

By now, you’ve likely found the perfect mask for your entire family – as well as any occasion. It’s almost hard to believe that just a short time ago the idea of putting a mask on would have never cross our mind and today we’ve found ways to use them as an outfit accessory!

As every parents knows, kids are definitely the most prone to losing things. As you prepare to send your child back to school, you’ll want to make sure they’re properly equipped to keep their masks easily accessible throughout the day, but not misplaced in the bathroom, the playground, or trampled on in the hallway.

mask lanyard for kids

These premium masks lanyards are the perfect way to check this item of your list. They come in a five pack with a variety of colors, providing a unique and fun look for each school day. We like this product because of the adjustable length of the lanyard, allowing it to fit any aged child.

But the two features we love the most are the metal clips and breakaway capability. The metal clips connect the lanyard to the mask and provide a much higher quality compared to the typical plastic clips that won’t hold up over time. The breakaway is a key safety feature that provides peace of mind for parents who understand children have a unique way of turning the most common objects into hazards.

Mask Storage Case

As important as keeping your child’s mask accessible throughout the day is keeping it safe and clean when it’s not. Most schools are encouraging students to take a “mask break” throughout the day or have specific activities, such as eating lunch, when masks are not required. But most importantly, making sure your child’s masks can easily be found each morning is key to making everyone’s school day a successful one.

mask storage case

We like this 3-pack of mask storage cases because it combines ease of use and versatility with affordability and fun. You receive 3 uniquely color cases for under $15, making it one of the best values on Amazon. And while the storage cases are perfect for anyone in the family, we especially love the bonus animal stickers that your kids can use to customize their case!

The cases themselves are made with a high-quality plastic material so they easily keep your masks safe and protected whether you’re keeping the case at home or work. The case size allows it to be stored conveniently in a purse or pocket for those on-the-go. Any standard size cloth, disposable or surgical masks will fit perfectly inside.

The traditional school day morning is already chaotic enough. Keeping your child’s masks conveniently stored by the door or in a back pack for easy accessibility is sure to make at least one part of your morning a little less crazy.

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Forehead Thermometer

One of the key aspects of successfully transitioning students back to in-person learning, is ensuring that anyone experiencing COVID-19 systems remains at home. Many school district’s are requiring temperature checks before students are sent to school along with random checks throughout the day. A reliable and easy-to-use thermometer will help you get out the door quicker.

thermometer for back to school during covid

The iProven Thermometer provides a top-rated one-two punch with its ability to take your temperature quickly from the forehead, but can also does so via the ear for a more accurate reading. Additionally, the iProven was rated by as one of the best thermometers for kids and will continue to serve a purpose after the pandemic is over.

We’re all about making the morning routine as easy as possible for parents, and the iProven Thermometer does just that. The infrared scan technology reads your child’s temperature in one second and quickly displays a warning light if a fever is detected. The bright display screen also comes in handy if the device is needed for a quick temperate check in the middle of the night.

Priced under $40, the iProven is the perfect thermometer to add to your back-to-school morning checklist. Not only will it help keep your child and those around them safe, we’re sure you’ll be using for years to come.

Storage Pack

One thing is for sure, kids are heading back to school with a variety of new items they’ve never needed before. Along with your masks and accompanying lanyard and storage case, a kid-size fanny pack will help your children keep their extras organized and handy. Who would have thought a global pandemic would be responsible for making fanny packs cool again.

This Everest Signature waist pack isn’t the most fancy, but will get the job done at an affordable price. Choose from 9 different colors all under $10. For parents with multiple kids, several multi-pack sets are also available to save you additional money.

fanny pack for back to school

While the pack doesn’t feature any super-fun design, the polyester material is professionally weaved to ensure it can handle the everyday use. Most importantly, these packs are specifically designed for kids with waist straps that adjust from 14 to 60 inches.

The two zippered compartments are perfect for storing small hand sanitizer containers or wipes as well as extra masks and mask lanyards. They also make a great storage space for non-coronavirus items such as chap stick, hand cream and other basic everyday essentials kids aren’t usually able to keep close by.

Like you, we’re hopeful the fanny pack isn’t making a comeback, but at least they’re here to help make going back to school during COVID a little easier for the time being.

Lunch Box

Even with all the extra morning to-dos, eventually your son or daughter will make it to school – with masks, lanyards and storage cases in tow! While their in-person learning will be somewhat normal – social distanced of course – lunchtime is certainly to look a bit different.

Most schools have eliminated large, crowded lunchtimes, opting for students to eat at their desk during a designated time. Teachers are asking parents with younger kids to help out with snack time, sending their child’s favorites with them instead of the usual small-group snack breaks.

Whether your child has always been a brown-bagger is now required by their school, it may be time for a lunchbox.

lunch box for back to school with covid

The Packit lunchbox lineup provides the perfect solution for those heading back to school with increased lunch packing duties. While kids will be most excited by the over two-dozen custom designs available, parents will most appreciate its simplicity, groundbreaking features and affordable price.

Each design is priced around $20 and features either a fabric or polyester material the easily collapse and folds for convenient storage when it’s not being used. The buckle handle on the back of the lunch box allows to clip onto backpacks before heading off to school.

The coolest feature (pun intended) is the non-toxic freezable gel that is built into the walls of the lunch box, allowing you to freeze the entire bag overnight. Because of its ability to keep food colder for longer, you’ll be able to expand your lunch offerings, packing healthier meals, salads, fruits and veggies that are likely to spoil if not properly refrigerated.

Packing a student’s lunch can be overwhelming, especially for parents with more than one kid and those with picky eaters, but we think the Packit lunch box may just add a little creativity and spunk to your child’s day.

Going Back to School During COVID

Regardless of your personal situation, sending your kids back to school this year can be stressful and scary. The key to making this school year a healthy and successful experience for your child is finding ways to make the new morning routine as easy as possible. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new way to make the pre-bus stop rush even more enjoyable as well!

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